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26 Years in the Horse industry, 12 years in Polo, and 7 years continuously studying Saddle Fit, Valor Saddles Inc. was created from decades of experience in the Equestrian World.

We have seen the negative effects of poor fitting saddles for both horses and riders and our mission was to develop a Polo Saddle which focused on proper fit for the horse and comfort for the rider. 

We have thoroughly studied biomechanics of the horse along with its anatomy and physiology, in order to develop saddles that increase freedom of movement in the horse.

Comfort for the horse = a better playing pony. 

Where Innovation Meets Tradition

Valor Saddles are designed with a scalloped panel to enable proper saddle placement and shoulder freedom and, unlike most Polo saddles, are available in multiple widths.  The panels are multi-layer composite and allow a natural fiber against the back of the horse and the ability to adjust the 100% wool flocking if necessary to achieve an immaculate fit for the pony. The seat and stirrup bar placement were created to give the rider a super secure feel while seated, while also facilitating an extremely stable hitting platform while standing. The cushioning in the seat is yet another reason to fall in love with these saddles. There is not another polo saddle anything like ours on the market- and we're proud of that!

Our Two Models are The Traditional and The Corte.


The Traditional 

The Traditional comes in black or brown pig print or buffalo, suede or smooth seat.


The Corte  (pronounced Cor-dee)

The Corte is a more custom saddle, which allows you to choose from multiple colors of welting and facings, and cantle designs. The Corte comes in either black or brown, with a choice of our desirable buffalo leather or pig print cowhide. Seat available in smooth or suede leather. 

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